The Right Choice

You’ve defined your audience. You’re set on the general theme and agenda of your event. Ready to book the venue. You’re now in the market for a keynote speaker who can contribute a high-impact and passionate out-of the-box view. You want it delivered with authenticity and in the most professional way! 

After all, a keynote speaker might make or break your conference..

So how should you choose a keynote-speaker for your event?

Let us help you structure your choices. It really comes down to three main options:

  1. Choose Internally. Put up your CEO, MD or senior company figure to headline your conference or event.
    Upside: they know your culture, your language and your vision.
    Downside: they may not be a great motivator or speaker, or even want to do it. Your audience may already be used to their ‘voice’. They are often too close to the action.


  2. Choose a ‘Celebrity’. You can go through a speaker agency or bureau to pick a former athlete, TV star, politician, adventurer, leading academic or business figure to share their story and insight.
    Upside: they will have people on the edge of their seats with great expectations.
    Downside: they’ll cost €50- 100K, may not be a great speaker and it will be all about them, not you. They are often too far from the action.


  3. Choose Dr. Amin Talab.  What will most likely achieve your goal is an entertaining, professional business speaker who will educatechallenge and inspire your audience to laugh, learn and take action!
    You want a fascinating keynote presenter with lots of experience in addressing business audiences and inspirational, high-value content.
    Upside: a bespoke, relevant and action-oriented message delivered by an absolute expert in his field. You get a dynamic, engaging delivery from a professional speaker at a cost of €5-10K.
    Downside: none.

From an audience and business perspective you would probably miss the most attractive opportunity by not going with option 3 and having the bestselling author at your event.

Dr. Amin Talab fascinates and entertains business audiences all around the globe with his international perspective. His mission is to help people to become happier and more efficient in their interactions with other people by opening up a cross-cultural perspective. That in turn leads to a better understanding of what it takes to build economically stable and lasting personal relationships .

He inspires leaders, corporate executives and entrepreneurial business owners who strive to better understand new intercultural challenges and opportunities.  Dr. Amin specializes on the needs of internationally working organizations, in particular the financial services sector and pharmaceutical companies and helps them to secure the best negotiation results possible while accepting that understanding “the best” depends on the cultural conditions.

You might be asking yourself why so many Fortune 500 companies continuously choose Dr. Amin Talab?

Here is how the author explains it…:

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