some of the organizations working with us…



UniCredit Bank [FINANCE, ITALY]
Gianfranco Bisagni, Deputy Head

We invited Dr Talab to join our quarterly management event. His presentation was extremely clear and effective. Besides covering negotiation strategy and skills (critical in our business), the cross-border cultural component was exactly matching with the theme of our event.
I have received very good feedback from the participants.
I am sure that our cooperation will keep developing in the near future.



Uta Goretzky, Executive Manager

Dear Amin,
it was a pleasure working together with you at our World Summit in Istanbul. As already mentioned in our phone call, the audience enjoyed your speech as well as your workshop sessions and gave you an “A”-Grade.
So hope to meet you again soon.
Best Regards Uta


Dr. Wessam Mousa, Business Unit Manager

Dr. Amin is a highly accomplished and innovative professional with key negotiation experience, specifically in dealing with difficult situations. He is also results-oriented and a visionary leader with proven success in training and enhancing negotiation skills. Dr. Amin also has polished communication, presentation, and excellent problem solving skills. I have found it a pleasure to attend his courses.

Ing. Lukas Schinko, Chief Executive Officer

Regarding the development of our top-employees, we opted for Dr. Amin Talab as international expert with first-class references and reputation. I want to specifically mention the ability of Dr. Talab to continuously engage and fascinate our demanding management team which comes from different backgrounds and already has extensive know-how. As CEO of a leading and expanding corporation in the health care sector I urgently recommend Dr. Amin Talab for self-reflective leaders who want to develop their skills at top level.


Volkmar Leisser

Volkmar Leisser, General Manager 

As General Manager, I engaged Dr. Amin Talab to deliver a workshop and support my best key-accounts with coaching. As these are highly experienced veterans who are not easy to satisfy, I was stunned by their extremely positive, spontaneous feedback (which, frankly, I hadn´t expected): Amin is a laid back, highly focused professional who knows when to listen and when to comment…

I highly recommend him and look forward to his next Negotiation Sparring!


Nermine Aziz, Market Access & External Affairs Director

Dr. Amin was supporting our Virology team / Market Access team with the Master Negotiator Curriculum in Egypt. I wholeheartedly want to recommend him because he not only is an expert on the contents but knows very well how to engage even the most experienced people and always finds the right form of feedback. His Arabic descent, European education and international exposure make working with him a unique and very rewarding experience.

Jernej Kralj

Jernej Kralj Head of Porsche Insurance Agency

Amin, being a very polite person and an outstanding presenter, made a very positive impact on me and my career. I took part in Amin’s course called Master Negotiator. It was without a doubt the best seminar I participated in after graduating from college. The course was comprised of short theoretical inserts on negotiation techniques, each followed by very interesting case studies and insightful role plays. Having learned and actually understood the many negotiation methods in Amin’s real life related seminar, I and my employers have been able to achieve incredible results when negotiating with our suppliers.


Dr. David Moayad, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Amin Talab was our speaker at various occasions for 4 years. He did an outstanding job motivating a diverse team of Tour Directors from various different European countries and cultures. I am more than happy to recommend his incredible talent to fascinate and interest a diverse audience and design and implement stellar, practical and fun training plans for group leaders.

Manfred Phillipich, Head of personel development & recruiting

We wanted to have Dr. Amin Talab share his experience with our entire management team and invited him to hold a keynote speech on “Strengths of the Master Negotiator – Conflict Resolution aspects in a globalized world”. He spoke at our management forum. Amin surpassed all our high expectations and I wholeheartedly recommend him for such cases. Our participants did get a splendid overview, interesting and motivating ideas and an authentically international expert.

Peter Krnac, Executive Director

Dr. Amin Talab is a professional with high integrity and with very good background. He has extensive experience and knowledge specializing in negotiation strategies and training. His negotiation skills training provides significant value and delivers an efficiency improvement to company 

Dr. Myrga Zankl, Executive

I have participated in tailor-made training prepared by Dr. Amin for negotiators across Europe. I still remember moments of acknowledgment and surprise. Training offered good reflection, opportunity for new perspectives, evaluation with building possible approaches and management of cases. Training was effective with practical examples and training of situations. I fondly remember his negotiation power principles.

Manuel Grassler

Manuel Grassler, Inhouse Creative Department Head

Dr. Amin Talab was hired by Neuroth AG to perform negotiation trainings.
His training approach is different to all trainings I had in my career before!

His profound knowledge on negotiation skills, strategies and tactics build the base for his training workshops. The structured approach, as well as competitive negotiation cases, help to develop the negotiation skills needed for managers in everyday life. The best method is the room preparation, and actual negotiation gets in his workshops. A participant can directly compare his/her results with other negotiators which is an incredible asset because in real life, comparison on negotiation topics, and thus direct feedback, is quite rare.
His sympathetic nature and knowledge of people is additionally beneficial for participants. I can honestly promote to hire him for everyone responsible in negotiation.

Ing. Robert Egreschitz, Head of Network Development

Amin has insight, style and is bright, entertaining and thoroughly fascinating. His presentation was absorbing, all the more remarkable given the diversity of the listeners. Amin is an outstanding speaker and facilitator, bringing in his personal integrity and experience to ensure his audience gets a different and new perspective. I am delighted to recommend him and hope to work with him again in the near future.


Shooroq Esaa, National Account Manager

Dr. Amin was supporting our Virology team / Market Access team with the Master Negotiator Curriculum in Egypt. I wholeheartedly want to recommend him because he not only is an expert on the contents but knows very well how to engage even the most experienced people and always finds the right form of feedback. His Arabic descent, European education and international exposure make working with him a unique and very rewarding experience.

Mag. David Oliver Ertler, Head of Human Resources

As HR-Director and part of the management team I recently participated in the Master Negotiator program of Amin Talab. I was surprised by the richness of ideas and interactivity of the program. Being an expert in military strategies myself I was very interested to find out about his ideas on analyzing different negotiation strategies and found his ideas extremely useful. Thank you also for the Pocket Guide for Negotiators, which proves useful to summarize the main ideas just before important negotiations.

Antonia Perotti, Chief Operations Officer

My feedback to your presentation on Oct 19th: Please be informed that Sybille and I received from our colleagues very positive and enthusiastic feedback. I would like to thank you for your help to get our personnel more aware of our intercultural diversities and at the same time closer and more curious to know each other better. I hope to have in the future more opportunities to work with you.

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