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Uncomfortable Situation Ahead? Prepare with Your “Negotiation Joker” To Ensure Your Success


People around you, whether boss, colleague or family member, don´t always react like you want them to. If you care for their decisions and perceptions, you should do something about it.

Let´s face it: Even the best need support and motivation at times.

You can get that support now quickly and comfortably. I stand by your side, helping you prepare your conversations, whether internal conflicts or external negotiations. Similar to a “phone joker” you might know from  TV quiz shows, you can tap into my experience as your back-up.

Upcoming presentation? Assessing options to let that under-performing partner go? Needing to think the situation through with somebody neutral? Splitting the house with your ex? Breaking bad news to a loved one?

With my support you are always a step ahead and insure yourself against unrecognized chances and missed opportunities.

Tilt the chances in your favor

The difference between “nearly got there” and “deal” are sometimes very slim. A wrong intro or comment, a revealing move, an overdone argument might kill your chances to achieve your dream. With my outside view, you are holding a “Joker” in your hands. This might often make the difference. I will tilt the chances in your favor. If you don’t want to take chances, Use the services of a negotiation expert and secure your contract, position or other negotiation target.

The advice of a Ghost Negotiator can be used just like legal or consulting support. The reality-tested support for upcoming cases is meant for individual negotiators as well as for teams who want to prepare for the best possible negotiations and reflect on their practice.

My coaching sessions with Amin have been exceptionally helpful in preparing clear and simple argumentation lines in negotation situations. Rehearsing specific negotiation discussions with Amin also ensured going into “the real thing” with maximum confidence and clarity about what I want to achieve and how I want to communicate it. Having Amin as a “negotiation joker” in the background was a really valuable resource in mapping out and executing a solid negotiation strategy.

Alexandra Nagle
Corporate Finance/Capital Structure Advisory, Emerging Europe
UniCredit Bank

Which time package is right to get the best negotiation result?

Timing depends on your specific situation and I am happy to lay out the following options for you. Remember: time is not charged until we both are ready to start i.e. contact me, first 10 minutes are free and you can decide to pay up to a bigger package right then and there.

Negotiation Joker at your service (10 Consultations up to 1 hour each): € 2295

This care-free package will guarantee access to my support for special cases that are complex and will have several rounds or for ongoing support in a difficult phase. There are no hands-off areas here. We´ll have a close look in all areas that might improve your chances of success, from your motivation to analyzing interests, going through the process, argumentation, back-up up to how to prepare yourself emotionally.

Negotiation Joker to ensure success: (4 Consultations up to 1 hour): € 999

This package is not only the most economical, but will ensure you get the best support for your upcoming negotiation. We will

  • prepare your case and finetune your argumentation
  • go through your strategy and find the best way for you to proceed
  • analyze your negotiation partner
  • double-check your goals
  • have a look at your emotional and motivation state to strengthen you for your challenge

Choose this option in any case where you would like to

  • develop a strategy on how to deal with a difficult person or situation to ensure your success
  • go through your strategy and make have me point my finger to critical issues or inconsistencies so you can be sure you are on top of your game when it gets “hot”
  • play through the dynamics to see if there are any blind spots you haven´t paid attention to
  • rehearse the dialogue to avoid unpleasant surprises
OPTION 4: SHORT CONSULTATION (up to 15 Minutes): € 85

This option will be optimal if you are…

  • ready to go into your negotiation but want have a final check on your strategy
  • in the middle of a discussion and need to step back and get outside support
  • are starting your preparation and want to save time structuring the situation
  • want to quickly rehearse your main argument and see if it is effective

I am ready – what will happen exactly?

Book your time slot, pay up your package and let´s talk! Depending on the specifics of your objective, your negotiation partner(s) and the situation, we will dive into your questions and case. I will provide you with professional support throughout any negotiation phase. During the preparation, we explore and structure your case in a strategically beneficial way. Then we go ahead and practice your presentation to be secure and partner-oriented.

Here is a list of examples of recent requests:

  • Get the “Outside view”: How have other people handled it? (Benchmark)
  • Compare different approaches: Is it more sensible to use one or another tactic?
  • Prepare and test your argumentation. “Sell” me and I’ll tell you the weak spots.
  • Define the negotiation objectives.
  • Prepare and train for dealing with heckling, disturbances and objections.
  • Use anchoring, closing techniques and tactics.
  • Double-check your mindset. Get yourself in the right “mood” to succeed.
  • Warm up. Rehearse just before your big moment to start in top form.

How do I schedule and pay for my Coaching?

Simple! Click right below or on the tab “Online Coaching” on the bottom of any page of this website.



You might want to get to know me better before we start and see if we “fit”. On our first call, I reserve some time for your warming up questions. This is completely free and your prepaid time will not start counting until I will explicitly say so. I guarantee you: If you decide during that time that this is not for you – for whatever reason – I will refund you right away the full amount apart from the wiring costs.

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