International Negotiation Key-Notes For Your Conference Or Meeting

Find inspiration with one of the following keynote themes for your memorable gathering, anniversary, congress or meeting.

This keynote speech will give you a structured overview of the strengths needed to master the increasing demand of negotiations in our changing world. Based on modern studies of human behavior and extensive negotiation expertise, it summarises the characteristics and paces needed to excel and become a Master Negotiator.

Concrete cases and examples offer a chance to compare one´s approach strategic recommendations. Various stories show a way to overcome difficulties while concentrating on the essentials to become a Master Negotiator.

The Master Negotiator keynote will show you development opportunities to increased success, i.e.:

  • Finding out what is negotiable and intricacies of conflicts, mediations, argumentations and discussions
  • Comparing your negotiation experience to others when working on the characteristics of a “Master Negotiator”
  • Exploring research on the impact of content vs. method of delivery in negotiations
  • Testing how convincing you can be
  • Getting highlights of various facets defining the Master Negotiator

Practical exercises (depending on group size and your specifications) as well as multimedia aids (incl. video and sound) will be included to boost didactic and motivation.

Time required: 30 – 240 minutes

Mega trends are affecting our relationships and negotiations. As the world becomes more diverse, traditional rules of interaction are increasingly losing their appeal. What´s more, availing yourself of hitherto “normal” ways might weaken relationships and endanger your deals.

Interconnection, cheap flights, mass migrations, as well as the internet and media, changing hierarchical structures, and different expectations already have a big impact on how we strive for results in business and private life. Negotiation processes and strategies must be constantly adapted.

Our world seems to be shrinking. What used to be far away, now waits around the next corner. Traditions, custom and habits increasingly fail to give guidance for successful behavior with international business partners. Misunderstanding intercultural negotiations, dynamics and patterns can put relationships and business in grave danger.

This keynote on Intercultural Awareness leads you through the exciting field of cultural diversity and will give you orientation and tips for intercultural negotiations. It will sensitize you to opportunities and problems presently arising in cross-border deals and when negotiating with representatives from different nationalities and cultures. Starting by exploring different responses to the negotiation challenge we will go through rules that help you securing your deal. The voyage will also lead you to employ nuances in language and appearance and separate high-context from low-context cultures.

Dr. Amin is the real-life example of how awareness and mutual understanding are prerequisites to thriving in an intercultural world. Having grown up with (and in between) these cultural expectations, he can draw on his personal experience growing up as Eurasian and bring in examples consulting international negotiations (e.g. Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, Turkey, Rumania, Egypt, UAE) and as lecturer at various Universities, like the University of Applied Sciences (Wiener Neustadt) and the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico (Cuernavaca).

He embodies bridging cross-cultural differences and is on a mission to show how working, living and negotiating between cultures can work.

Time required: 20 – 180 minutes

Globalization and the Internet have changed business relationships for good. Price conversations are not won by using better techniques, and certainly not by just being tougher than clients. It is ever more important to understand the dynamics of the conversations.

The availability and ease of gathering information in combination with the technical opportunities in our digital are only one side of a new era. The demand for more transparency and professional, yet confidential, trusted and individualized consultation age transformed expectations and relationships radically.

Yet many a seller is left dissatisfied. Disappointed by the constant demand for lower prices and continuous haggling is understood as lack of appreciation. People get burnt out and don’t understand why they should continue explaining themselves. They want to be seen as “consultants”, “experts“ and not as “salespeople”. But what does “sale negotiation” actually mean and how can that understanding help shape a better conversation?

  • Employing the negotiation triangle to helping you structure the client conversation to keeping the initiative
  • Selling yourself in a way that the client prefers your offer, and your offer only
  • What you need to do even before negotiations start, so that you are perceived as competent and professional specialist
  • Understanding argumentation techniques and how they can (and can´t) be used to stress your selling point
  • Which decisive levels of your client you simply must address to be successful
  • What is the right time in the conversation, from a tactical point of view, to mention your price
  • How to position yourself in an optimal way that helps you in the negotiation
  • What could you say if your client asks you: “Why are you so expensive?!”

Time required: 30 – 180 minutes

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