Amin Talab – the Master Negotiator

Dr. Amin Talab has been improving the negotiation performance for his clients for over 20 years. With his unique cross-cultural understanding, he analyzes all parts of a situation to help uncover additional options. This enables the Austrian-Syrian with Croatian and Slovenian roots to inspire you to build bridges even in the most difficult of negotiations.

No wonder that the Negotiation Counselor´s client list reads like a who´s who of business, ranging from organizations like Merck and UniCredit Bank to Puma or the European Court of Justice.

The author of 4 ground-breaking business books (including the bestselling Master Negotiator) on negotiations in sales, meetings and conflict situations has developed several new training curricula (e.g. the famous Negotiation Sparring).

While he is particularly interested in working with the financial sector and healthcare, there is hardly any industry that has not called on his services.

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The “Ghost Negotiator” is a popular speaker at business events. His outside view and expertise are valued when it comes to assessing strategies, finding options and exits, and rehearsing argumentation and sales pitches.

Dr. Talab loves to fascinate people with his intercultural perspective on negotiation and conflict resolution. In his books, trainings and key-note speeches he talks about new strategies, intercultural negotiations and how to become a Master Negotiator.

He is married and lives happily with his twin daughters in Vienna, Austria, which he loves for its internationality, location, safety and cleanliness. Amin loves to be able to combine his travelling interest with working wherever his clients need him.  Europe including Russia, the Middle East and the Pacific region.

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